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Get Noticed On Google Search

Any real estate agent who’s serious about getting noticed needs a blog these days and many have joined the blogosphere over the last few years. ActiveRain has grown its blog section to over 250,000, while Zillow,, and many other real estate sites have also started blogs spots where real estate professionals, related industries and their networks are equally charged with good and not so good advice.

If you Google search some common keywords you’ll see just a fraction how many real estate agents are sharing content and the amount is astounding.

  1. “10 Tips for Home Buyers” resulted in Google search 47,700,000 web pages.
  2. “10 Tips for Home Sellers” resulted in Google search 66,000,000 web pages.
  3. “5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers” resulted in Google search 45,900,000 pages.
  4. “Top Ten Home Staging Tips” resulted in a mere 8,450,000 pages on Google search.

Get the picture?

The internet is filled to the brim with real estate advice. How can a real estate professional stand out in such a crowded space? How do you get your expertise noticed, much less ranked high in an Internet search? See our Google+ Real Estate Community; we’re creating new communities for your city now and in the link above you’ll find our G+ community ranked high in Tenney Village over in Kapolei and it’s just one of many location on Oahu.

Did you know that 90 percent of home buyers surfing the internet never search past the first three links on any search? So if you aren’t devoting full time to blogging and completely neglecting your primary function of turning renters into home owners you’re probably not getting noticed by those who you are counting on the most to generate income.

If you’ve been a real estate agent for a while, you have things to say, stories to tell and great advice to give. The secret is to move from the generic to stand-out content and post where home buyers surf first without a doubt is Google search. Well, The Home Buyer’s Korner is solving your first issue by getting our Google+ Communities strategically located on page one of Google search.

Now that your big issue is solved here are a few tips for getting noticed in our communities by local home buyers.

Personalize it. You can do a search and find any topic that has been overdone, so personalize a topic by making it local.

  1. We all have stories that illustrate our brilliant real estate advice. Create a short story to illustrate your point. Make names generic, of course, but tell the story! Keep things lite by using names like Fred and Wilma for my sellers, and Barney and Betty for my buyers.
  2. Add your own sense of humor. People love to get to know you and you blog some be as much about you as it is the content you want to share and don’t be afraid to add some wit. You can hide Easter eggs; you can be humorous; you can add witty images to illustrate your point; you can capitalize on current catch-phrases, pop culture, or old slang that everyone knows.
  3. Use your own everyday speech mannerisms and don’t concern yourself with coming off like a scholar. Shed the perfect textbook writing. Be yourself, and say what you mean. Infuse your personality wherever you can.
  4. Add your opinion to something that is a big topic in the news. People really want to know what you think, so go ahead and be opinionated. Not rude, just bold.

Make Your Images Count.

  1. Go big and be dramatic. There are so many tools to enhance the images you choose. Canva is a great tool, especially for making a collage of images. Picmonkey is great to add words and stickers. Skitch is good for smartphone image editing. And, there are so many more tools to make your images stand out. Find a few you like and are user-friendly. Be sure to include a tool to minify your images on your blog, so they don’t slow your page load.
  2. People love pictures, so add multiple images throughout your post to draw your reader down the page. No one wants to wade through a “wall of words” to understand your message and in-depth knowledge about helping them find their dream home.
  3. Home buyer’s love real estate memes. Join the fun and include some in each of your post. Hiring Your Mom's BBF as a realtor
  4. It’s a simple fact that images get many more shares on social media than plain text. Be sure to add a great image to your content and take include every advantage that you can. By taking a little more time on imaging it’s a sure-fire way to get you post noticed and creating an online personality that turns into business.

Remember who you are reaching out too.

  1. People who are surfing for content are by nature in a hurry and we live in an “I want it now world”. Everyone is scanning, clicking, and looking for quick information to answer their questions and you are competing for their attention in a demanding world.
  2. Make your post scan-able, with lots of white space and well-placed headings. Make sure your reader can see your main points right away. Images are just as important as the words in today’s highly visual web.
  3. Remember these words when thinking about creating a post: delight, captivate, entertain, inform, humor, enlighten, and illuminate. Don’t try to be a recreation of Wikipedia, what home buyers want is your expertise, opinions, and personality.
  4. Go in-depth. Spend time to go into details on your listing, a neighborhood, and remember people not only live in a home, they live down the street and around the corner. Add your insight and experience. Source credible studies and news articles and if you’re focusing on a neighborhood find other bloggers in the area like churches, synagogues, mosque, clubs and community centers to back-link and share content to show why your listing it the perfect place for someone to live and raise a family.
  5. Every element of your post has the potential to delight, humor and captivate. Instead of “10 tips for ”X”, try a lead generator by coming up with something unique and trendy. From your title to your content and the images you include add a touch of YOU. Don’t worry about being brilliant every day, no one is but if you devote a little time to your blog every day you’ll create something at least once a month that will generate blog post into phone calls!

Bonus Tip

  1. Being generous in your blog posts by linking to other bloggers and highlighting their content when it complements your post. It’s bound to get you a lot of blogger love and we’re creating community, so by definition a community shares and works together, which creates even better messaging and shows you are part of a team home buyers and sellers want to hire. And, let’s not forget that by being generous you’ll get social shares, links and promotion when you promote others. It’s the law of social reciprocity.


If all this sounds great, but you simply have to much on your schedule to included blogging don’t sweat it! The Home Buyer’s Korner will be happy to create your personalized social media presence. They’ll not only get your listings and interesting content in our communities, but will also get your WordPress blog highly ranked on Google search. Give us a call at The Real Estate Book of Honolulu and we’ll be happy to get you started.