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Home buyers choosing a real estate agent should look for specific traits when selecting an agent. Making the right decision is critical; consider these characteristics before agreeing to work with one:

A real estate agent needs to know the market you’re interested in, as well as common practices involved in buying a home. An experienced real estate agent offers insights, expertise, and negotiating skills likely to give you an edge in the deal.

An agent must be licensed, but other items you want to look for are certifications in specific transactions you as a home buyer might be looking for. Certifications tell you that the real estate agent specializes in specific types of properties and knowledgeable. They also need to know everything there is to know about the neighborhoods you’re interested in and the types of homes you are interested in buying. Condominiums, Town homes and Single Family Homes all have unique properties and not only have different lifestyles, but also may have requirements placed on the homeowner, so find a real estate agent with the experience you need.

Buying a home isn’t like purchasing a car and simply transferring title. A variety of issues can appear at any point and an experienced real estate agent should be able to solve problems as they appear. A real estate agent who helps their clients think through problems offers reasonable alternatives or finds a way to overcome obstacles is invaluable to all parties involved.

Researching is essential, so real estate agents who know how to use technology to locate just the right home is an absolute essential.

Buyers usually start their search online, so look for a real estate agent who has a user-friendly and current website or blog; such as the real estate agents you’ll find at our Real Estate Agent Google+ Community. Video marketing is often the best way to begin your search and offers potential home buyers a quick way to find the house you want to make a home.

Home buyers need a real estate agent who is realistic with them about the value of homes. No matter what Zillow says a home is worth, only an experienced real estate agent can give you a true assessment. Home buyers need a real estate agent who will tell them that consistently under-bidding in order to get more home for their money is not a viable strategy. Having these conversations can be difficult, but an honest real estate agent will have them in order to achieve a successful result.

Another quality you want in a real estate agent is one that maintains consistent communication in whatever form suits your needs. Even if there is nothing new to discuss, a quick update to say that nothing is happening goes a long way. Silence is a sign your real estate agent isn’t really interested in helping you buy a home.

Finally, a real estate agent should be honest enough to put your interest ahead of their own. Work with a real estate agent who committed to finding every house that fits your needs and not just those that will get the real estate agent the biggest commission..



Organizing your home shopping experience affords a wise decision making process. This simple home inspection tool makes your ultimate buying decision a smart one. To print this document click on “Open in New Window” located at the lower right corner; click on “File”; then click on “Print”. In the center of the screen you will have the option  to “Create A Printable PDF of the Presentation”.