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Schuler Homes LLC a division of D.R. Horton, who has been building new homes throughout Hawaii since 1972. plans to tentatively start construction on Hoopili, its 11,750-home master-planned community in Ewa/West Oahu, sometime in 2016.

Schuler Homes who is in charge of all D.R. Horton real estate acquisition here on Oahu, as well as overseeing the Hoopili project hopes to start delivering homes to people sometime in 2017.

The Texas-based developer, which got the approval from the Hawaii Land Use Commission about two years ago to change the land designation from agricultural to urban, recently submitted its rezoning application to the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting.

Upcoming News & Events on Hoopili

D R Horton Breaks Ground~09/23/16

State Supreme Court upholds Hoopili decision~12/22/15

Rail stations fall within projections~11/17/2015

Group Ask to Reverse Land Classification~10/19/15

Hoopili Ethics Mount~9/14/15

Did Political Donations Influence City Council’s Vote? ~9/8/15

Group files motion to block the Hoopili Project~7/24/15

Zoning and Planning Committee Meeting~3/05/15

The developer is seeking to rezone 1,289 acres of land. The East Kapolei project, which is being designed by Honolulu-based Group 70 International, calls for 264 acres to be kept as agricultural lands that will be used for commercial agriculture, community gardens, open space and infrastructure.

Besides the single and multi-family homes, Hoopili also includes commercial and light industrial space, community facilities, three elementary schools, one middle school, a high school, parks and open space, facilities and utilities.

The department has 90 days from Aug. 1 to make a recommendation to the city’s Planning Commission, which would then put it on its agenda for a public hearing. Opponents of the master-planned community argue that it will take away prime agricultural lands and cause even more traffic jams along the already congested West Oahu corridor.

Supporters maintain that the project will bring needed housing to Oahu, as well as jobs. Opponents argue that the project would permanently displace valuable farmland and exacerbate an already bad traffic situation in the West Oahu region.

In recent years Oahu developers have been required by the city to set aside 30 percent of a project as “affordable housing,” broadly defined as homes priced to be within reach of families that make 140 percent of the island’s median income or less.

As part of Bill 3, the Hoopili rezoning request, the Council is requiring the developer to market 30 percent, roughly 3,525 units, of its homes to prospective residents making 120 percent of median or less. The 2014 federal guideline says the median income for an Oahu family of four is $82,400.

The Council is also requiring that a significant percentage of units be made available to buyers making 80 percent of median or less, and that 225 units are rentals.

To address concerns raised by Horton-Schuler about the difficulties in finding buyers who qualify for loans at the lower income levels, the Council agreed to limit the time during which the developer must market the homes to lower-income families.

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Concerns about traffic impacts continue to plague the project despite Horton-Schuler’s promise to provide tens of millions of dollars in improvements, including footing the bill for additional lanes in each direction of the H-1 freeway.

The developer also has argued that Ho’opili is designed to be a “live-work-play” community that requires fewer vehicles to make a daily commute into urban Honolulu.

It’s without a dough that the Hoopili project comes with legitimate concerns from many of our residents here on Oahu. Equally important is that the Department of Planning and Permitting continues to find even more solutions to address our sorely needed affordable housing limitations. However, waiting for city and county planners to solve your housing needs could keep you paying high rent for some time to come. As Oahu’s home buyer’s advocate, I’m committed to helping home buyers find solutions now!

Call me if you’re looking for a place to call home, if you don’t want to wait until 2017 to enjoy the American dream. Many affordable housing solutions are available now, but seldom shared with home buyers, simply because most don’t know the right question to ask. As  your home buyer’s advocate, I’ll find out what your needs are and assist you in finding solutions for you and your family today!


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