Kapahulu Homes for Sale


Kapalulu, Hawaii

Quality of Life Boarder

Kapahulu Honolulu, Oahu is a thriving area. While you are looking for a place to call home take some time to travel down Kapahulu Avenue. Known for its festive atmosphere and almost daily luaus, the area host  a long avenue of eating places, restaurants and food shops that range from the most exclusive and upscale to mom and pop diners that offer anything from traditional Hawaiian food to the best of Western cuisine. Aside from food, the avenue is also the perfect place to spend the day vintage shopping. If only for the diversity of food and products don’t miss exploring the avenue.

Kapahulu median real estate price is $394,137, which is less expensive than 84.5 percent of Hawaii neighborhoods and 16.2 percent of all U.S. neighborhoods. Average rental price in Kapahulu is just a little over $1,300 and rents here are currently lower in price than 72.8 percent of Hawaii neighborhoods.

Kapahulu is an urban neighborhood. Real estate is primarily made up of small (studio to two bedroom) to medium sized (three or four bedroom) apartment complexes/high-rise apartments and small apartment buildings. Many of the residences in the Kapahulu neighborhood are older, well-established, built between 1940 and 1969, with some residences built between 1970 and 1999.

Real estate vacancies in Kapahulu are 6.6 percent, which is lower than one will find in 66.0% of American neighborhoods. Demand for real estate in Kapahulu is above average for the U.S., and may signal some demand for either price increases or new construction of residential homes.  

Kapahulu is very unique in that it has one of the highest proportions of one, two, or no bedroom real estate of any neighborhood in America. Most neighborhoods have a mixture of home or apartment sizes from small to large, but here the concentration of studios and other small living spaces is at near-record heights. With 82.5 percent of the real estate here of this small size, this most assuredly is a notable feature that makes the neighborhood unique.

If you are attracted to the idea of getting a little exercise and reducing your carbon footprint, bicycling to work might be the answer for you. Kapahulu is a fantastic location for bicycle commuters and about 5.0 percent of commuters here do ride their bikes to and from work on a daily basis.

Kapahulu is a moderate income neighborhood with incomes higher than 55.8 percent of the neighborhoods in America.


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